One Ocean Resort in Atlantic Beach Florida (Jacksonville Beach) SUCKS! Here is my story.

Looking for a Hotel? 1 Ocean Resort in Atlantic Beach, Florida ain't the one to go to if you expect the room you paid for.

Don't book this hotel and expect them to have your room.

One Ocean Resort they blame YOU for booking with American Express who I was informed uses

WTF?? Like One Ocean Resort don't get the $$$ or know about the reservation? BULLSHIT!!

Like I am not the customer or responsibility of One Ocean Resort because I booked with American Express??

Are you folks NUTS??

So Ocean One Resort SCREWED US on May 4 2011.

Book an Oceanfront King with Balcony. Got a standard room, no balcony and no windows that even open.

Do they give a rats ass That I paid and booked the other room? NO! It's not THEIR problem.

Oh yes it is your problem and it is going to be an ongoing one at that.

When I get to my office I will make a full fledged site that will open on Monday May 9th..

Do you know how many people think it is and not the right one? I DO and I am going to cost you a lot more than you cost me!

I don't like getting FUCKED and BLAMED. I did nothing wrong but booking your hotel.

Now your customers are going to get an EYEFUL of REAL FUCKING!

I also own the sucks version of the proper domain. I am going to share my story with many folks.


See how WORTHLESS that is?

This site ain't coming down. Whine as much as you like. You FUCKED ME One Ocean Resort!

It will be on Google in 48 hours as well as Trip Advisor. Rated " TERRIBLE"! One Ocean Resort


The folks at One Ocean Resort screwed me for my time and a few dollars. I am going to rip you folks a new asshole for not even trying to fix it when you know it could have been fixed.

Stay at this SHITTY HOTEL at your own peril. BAIT AND SWITCH with an ATTITUDE! One Ocean Resort

Well now you can deal with MY ATTITUDE!

I have spent in excess of 6000 nights in hotels. NEVER did a hotel blame me for who I booked with! NEVER one time!

I check in and have to WASTE MY TIME for HOURS calling American Express, Dealing with the hotel and getting caught in the middle.

It is THIS that reflects poorly on One Ocean Resort and the gerneral attitude that since I booked with Amexone ocean resort is somehow less responsible. THAT IS THE ISSUE I AM PISSED ABOUT!!!

What was supposed to be a little down time, turned into this SHIT!

Did Amex do anything wrong? Not really. They booked for YOU! YOU gave them authorization to book.

Did Travelocity do anything wrong? Not really. I have a print out of the room with the details from Amex.

The hotel DID do something wrong and THEY are the PRICKS that have made the others the issue and ME and my WIFE caught in the crossfire.

Concierge and manager could NOT understand this. That is why this hotel SUCKS!! They don't get it! POOR management.


I just wanted a quiet evening to celebrate my Birthday.

Blame me??? FUCK YOU!

Comeback and reload this page. MORE to come!!!


This is what you call a BAD decision.

If you think THIS is nasty??? Just wait my new friends. Blame me???? NO WAY!!!!

UPDATE: I received a call from their home office the next day. They were supposed to send me a letter with an invite to come back and make it right.

That was 5 MONTHS ago. Never heard another word.

So this time the site is up FOREVER! No longer interested. They went ZERO for TWO and I don't have to give them a THIRD chance!

Just an FYI.....I am also a meeting planner that has put on over 20 trade shows. Shows with a $500,000 food budgets. Shows that sell thousands of room nights.
It is hard enough to get hotels to do what is promised if it is not in writing. This hotel I would not trust even if it was in writing.
If your job is important to ya, do yourself and your company a favor, keep looking. These folks are not trustworthy IMHO based on MY personal experience.